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CeMNet is divided into three separate clusters. With each one dedicated towards addressing these general concerns.

The Network Technology Cluster works on networks and protocols to ensure that networks of the future are capable of handling high-bandwidth communications well. It focuses primarily on the technologies that will help facilitate the formation of a heterogeneous network environment in future.

The Multimedia Signal Processing and Communications Cluster conducts studies on how multimedia compression technologies and their transmission methods can be improved. Researchers there also work on ways to better archive current multimedia resources on the web.

Incorporating the various multimedia and network technologies into our work and living areas is the forte of the Pervasive Computing Cluster. As its name suggests, this group works on ways to make technological communication support as readily available as the air we breathe. Their research promises to makes walls have not only ears, but voices, eyes, and even brains!

As research and development in each cluster progresses, it is certain that the sum of their parts will, when joined, result in a far greater whole. One in which ubiquitous devices can constantly access multimedia applications in a heterogeneous network environment.

So do feel free and venture into our website, we hope to give you an introduction to the work in the various research groups.